In-the-field Escorts

The CBT Institute provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for a variety of mental health problems.

One of the biggest challenges in CBT is asking a patient to perform emotionally stressful exercises on his own during the week. Without the therapist’s assistance, the patient experiences lower motivation to expose himself to distress. This may be due to a patient’s belief that his emotional stress will not decrease or will even increase until he experiences a breakdown, fear of a heart attack, or that he may react dangerously to the stress. If a patient is going through a stressful period, the last thing he wants is to experience additional stress levels. As a result, the patient may perform therapeutic tasks partially, haphazardly, or not at all.

In order to overcome this challenge, the CBT Institute complements individual therapy with in-the-field sessions with a therapeutic escort. This service provides patients with escorts who accompany them during their completion of therapeutic exercises. The escorts assist the patients in maintaining motivation, performing tasks accurately, and observing the results of the tasks objectively. As a result of successfully exposing himself to emotions, each patient learns that over time emotions decrease on their own, and as a result the patient develops increased confidence to continue the exercises instead of avoiding or escaping uncomfortable situations.

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