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Ohad Hershkovitz


As the founder of the CBT Institute I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Ohad Hershkovitz, and I am a Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist. In 2004 I made Aliyah from the U.S. and after gaining experience here I opened the CBT Institute of Israel. I received my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

I have been treating mental health disorders since 2000 in various clinical settings including the Provena St. Therese Medical Center near Chicago, a Chicago Mental Health Center, and the Douglass Developmental Center in Rutgers University, NJ.

Throughout my years of providing therapy I have come to understand that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is not only quicker than psychodynamic therapy in general, but also more effective when treating certain disorders. I began to study CBT more in-depth and exposed myself to work experience in various settings which specialized in CBT, including: The Israel Center for OCD; Agam Institute for Eating Disorders; and the Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) Unit at Ichilov Hospital.

I founded the CBT Institute because I quickly realized that the quick and effective treatment model of CBT – which is common and popular in the U.S. and Europe – has yet to become mainstream and widely accepted by Israelis. Acquaintances would frequently ask how to treat disorders such as panic attacks or OCD (which can be quickly remedied with CBT), and others would claim they had already tried (psychodynamic) therapy but to no avail. I was surprised to discover a shortage of recognized establishments for the provision of CBT, and was disturbed to find myself the only one providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in public mental health clinics.

Hence, my decision to open the CBT Institute was a result of my hope to provide a quick and effective treatment option for Israelis who until now have not been able to find a proper solution to their problems using more traditional therapy options. Shortly after opening the Tel Aviv branch, it quickly became apparent to me that there is a significant demand for CBT and not enough options. I decided to open a second branch in Jerusalem, and my hope is to open additional branches around the country so that residents everywhere will have the option to receive CBT in their area.

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I invite you to browse the website and read about the various disorders we treat (link), visit our Facebook Page (link) or Twitter Feed (link), or contact us directly (link). It’s important to me that you find a channel of communication that is comfortable for you.

I wish you luck in your journey for better mental health,

Dr. Ohad

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